Valentine’s Day Gift: Max in Pokhara!

imageFeb. 14

How marvelous when an imagined plan becomes tangibly real, and my son fresh from Tokyo emerges from the Pokhara domestic terminal. He flew from Tokyo to Osaka, changed planes, then to Bangkok, changed planes and endured a 5 hour layover, then on to Kathmandu for an overnight. To his great credit for a first-time visitor to south Asia, he plunged into the central city, walking from Thamel to Durbar Square and back again at dusk and into night, taking a couple hundred of photos en route!  Everything was significant or interesting or scenic and it was wonderful to hear how excited he was for that initial encounter.  Welcome and namaste.

Now he’s here and we’re hoping for good weather (despite the forecast of rain this entire weekend). We get him checked into the Dandelion Hotel in a room beside mine (so he won’t catch my cold), then stroll Lakeside to give him an idea of the difference between here and KTM. The clouds look serious, but we’re booked for paragliding tomorrow and so will hope for the best. His time in Nepal is six whole days, so we can’t really blow a single one.


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