Bandipur (and Nepal’s) Future

These two photos should have concluded the previous post, but perhaps the other images weighed it down and it just didn’t feel like carrying any more.  Whatever the case, these two photos are among my favorite ones of the whole trip.  I was walking back to the hotel at the end of the event-full day, and saw this young man doing homework on the front veranda of his family’s farm house.  “English?” I asked, to which he replied, “No!  Science!”  I learned he was 6 years old and that he liked school very much.   His sister was in a side building and must have heard us talking, so she came out to investigate.

imageShe was wearing a uniform from the Notre Dame school I visited that morning, and was surprised that I knew the names of her principal and vice-principal.  She was 10 and said she wanted to study engineering so she could help build roads, bridges, and schools to help Nepal.  Both were gracious about having their photos taken.  The turquoise background is the actual color of the wall facing the main path.  Like the shining faces in these photos, the children of Nepal will hopefully find the opportunities and education to create a modern democracy that values the human resources of all members of society.



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