Educational Challenges in Nepal: 34% without Education (!)

News report says that 34% of Nepalese population never attends school. The reason is that people don’t see any value in being educated when they can be making money instead of going to school. Even when the government pays them 300 rps. a month (!) many will opt for day labor that pays 5000 rps.(about $50). Family circumstances also dictate the need for money. The information comes from a Unicef initiative on out-of-school children, published in
Jan. 30, Kathmandu Times.

The hill villages of Nepal shake up one’s certainty about life’s opportunities, or lack of them.
The geography is a major factor that keeps people local, even though they travel between villages and elsewhere with great regularity. Education here means moving away from the village, and then having no livelihood in the village once a person is schooled, trained, or finds work in the cities. For some, that kind of cultural capital does not translate into capital in a village economy, and is just not worth it. Who know what kind of country these little kids will inherit? Clearly, one little boy is already on the lookout…



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