A Last Dharmsala Dinner

I want to go back to the final dinner together with Rinchen Khando and TC. It was just the 3 of us and so there was plenty of time to talk about the political situation with the central Tibet authority, the situation with our kids who live far apart and who we see but once or twice a year, and TC’s insistence that he is a “Hinayanist” only in this life for himself and his own awakening.

He thinks that self-esteem is one of the major issues facing human consciousness at this time.All the various kinds of abuse that we inflict on ourselves–from excessive drugs and alcohol to bulemia, anxiety, orshould be considered “friendly fire.” It originates from a place that is ignorant about the actual positioning of emotional/psychological/spiritual complexities. Its intention is to improve the situation but ends up causing more suffering, often without the individual being aware of how they have been victimized by their own psyche.

We also talk about weather, and the possibility that my flight to Delhi will be canceled due to fog and low visibility. Two flights today were canceled when air traffic control decided that the 5000 feet required to see a runway had diminished to 2500. I have Plan B and C lined up (one is a private car to Delhi, and one is the Volvo bus) so am not fretting. I will get there one way or the other.


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