New Year’s Dinner with the Dalai Lama’s Brother and Family

Jan. 1st Dinner with TC and Rinchen


The photo says it all: dinner with TC, Rinchen, their son Tenzin, his wife and youngest son, plus a monk (who spent 12 years in Chicago painting houses, playing in a rock band, and trying to make America work for him) in charge of HHDL’s landholdings, and Norman and myself. Tenzin did most of the cooking, choosing a Chinese-style stew that had a little of everything in it.

The conversation was wide-ranging and focused mostly on politics (including comments on the current leader of the government and his style that emulates HHDL), the Tibetan “message” and what to do to revitalize it. As usual, TC was full of his “Mahayana opinions” and in fine form.  I hope we can get him back to USF for another mini-course in the near future.  He describes the one he did a few years ago (with Vincent Pizzuto) as a “talk show comedy” because of their frequent (good humored) arguments.  More on Rinchen and her initiatives when I post on the visit to the nunneries she helpled establish and now directs.

Anyway, I’m very and exceedingly grateful that Kashmir Cottage could take me in after the disastrous one-night-stand on Dec. 29.


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