Where in the World is Himachal Pradesh?

Glad you asked.  I learned a thing or two in downloading these screen shots from Google maps.

The flight from Delhi took a little over an hour, so the region called Himachal Pradesh is very much part of greater India and not at all isolated.  A person can get here via overnight bus, train, private car, or plane.  LOTS of Indians come here as tourists during the high season of March to June, when the monsoons (usually) begin.  It seems this is the region where Alexander the Great ran out of steam in his effort to conquer India back in the 2nd century BCE.


Looking a little closer, this area is also called the “Outer Himalayas.”  The range of mountains closest to McLeod Ganj and Dharamsala are between 3500 and 5500 meters (or 11,400 to 18,000 ft.) and are called the Dhauladars.


Finally, the immediate area is notable for its steep hillsides (many badly eroded because of monsoon rains), deodar/pine forests, and abundance of birds of all kinds.  Wild pheasants are a common sight, as are monkeys.

McLeod Ganj area


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