Delhi Bounce

After three flights that moved my body from central Indonesia via Jakarta and then Bangkok, I made it to Delhi around 12:30 a.m.  My hotel sent a driver to collect me (“he was told not to return without you”) and thankfully I could spot his small sign despite being crosseyed with fatigue.  The main airport was a marvel of efficiency and good design, two qualities I usually don’t ascribe to India.  Once we got to the hotel and its surroundings, the “old” India reasserted itself and so that is where I wandered today.  These are suburbs, not the city proper, and perhaps used to be a separate village or town before becoming part of the megacity that is now called “Delhi.”

The road in front of Hotel Impress is clogged with all types of vehicles from morning to night, and I now appreciate the reticence of Indonesian drivers compared to the horn-heaviness of their Delhi counterparts.  Two nights and a single day is about right for this part of town, but I’ll be back in mid-January to give a talk at Delhi University.

Here are a few photos of what I found today.

In this first photo, be aware the “swastikas” are ancient Vedic symbols indicating a turning wheel of life, and that the Nazi symbol was appropriated from “Ayrian” cultural roots.


Inside a local Hindu temple, a shot taken by its resident priest.  At the end of my visit he dabbed a big red “eye” in the middle of my brow that got admiring glances as I walked back to the hotel.




This young man, A. Sanuj age 12, asked me where I was from and we struck up a conversation.  Image

This open plot of land is owned by the government, with a sign saying “trespassers will be prosecuted.”

Yeah, right.  It is used for refuse dumping until a large housing project is built.  If you look closely in the lower left corner,

there is the corpse of a cow.  My heart goes out to the people living in those apartment buildings.


I am just astonished all these photos loaded in less than 5 minutes!  In Indonesia, it would take at least 20 even with a “good” connection.  Sheesh.


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