Random Sightings, Jepara to Jogja

I’m finally able to distinguish a mosque from a musholla, or “prayer room.” Muslims are supposed to pray 5 times a day and so the musholla is an easy-access space found everywhere and open to any Muslim. I just saw one beside the front gate of a Coca-Cola bottling plant.

Big tourist bus lumbers past w/ penguins on the side. Dream on!

Gas station signs advertise services, which always include a musholla (right after the mini-market); one liter of gas is about .60 cents.
Jepara utility company worker in the street over an open trench wears a safety vest, neon green, with the words “Bring me your tired, your poor…”
Huge truck windshield conveys two messages: the first is Mitsubishi in giant letters across the top and, at the bottom, “FullMusic” in equally big letters. That leaves about 12 inches for actual visibility.
Barefoot man pulling
rickety wooden cart,
painted on the back:
“Battle Wagon”

Boys walking back from noontime prayers, dressed like Arabs 7000 miles away


Masjid (mosque) Taqwa, all new and shiny,
followed by a weathered-looking mosque
“Masjid Baittroohm”;
no wonder where the prayers go.
School’s out at 10:30 a.m. Friday
in time for noon prayers;
young boy, maybe 12,
calmly smokes as he heads for home
Some people have lives
filling burlap bags with plastic trash
picked from beside the road;
many hours in the hot sun,
barefoot, skin turned charcoal color,
to get that cup, wrapper, container
and recycle for a few rupees.
They deserve a public monument:
heroes protecting the planet.

Gigantic mosque and equally impressive minaret on the outskirts of Semarang. I thought it was an air-traffic control tower! Wow!



Hillside cut away for coming construction,
piles of dirt like fine coffee grounds
Oh this language so visually comprehensible but elusive of meaning:
“Semen Tiga Roda”; “Aneka Sop” (roadside restaurant)
On the back of a local bus
Einstein with his tongue out,
equations floating against a night sky




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