Java Sea Light Show

It seems appropriate to follow the previous post / poem with an image taken from my third floor balcony during a rousing thunderstorm.  I had timed the big lightning displays so that I could start the camera shutter (set at 15 seconds) and then hope that serendipity would provide a photo.  On about the third attempt, my timing was just right.  After the tenth attempt, more rain came down and flash lightning as well, which made me question the wisdom of standing high in the air w/ a metal umbrella in my hand.  Some people might see a nice continuity between the previous poem and the lightning, but I tend to see the lightning as what is truly inspiring.  It can be religious, of course, but it is sufficiently cosmic, powerful, and a manifestation of the natural world, which is all the inspiration I need to be reminded of my place in the grand scheme of things.   And if you see this photo elsewhere on the web, just remember you saw it here first!



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