Cloud Atlas

Yes, there is a book by this same name, not to mention a poor adaptation of it as a Hollywood movie, but I’m going to describe the real thing: seen out the window of a Garuda Indonesia flight from Bali to Yogyakarta on Nov. 6th.  Whether these clouds were generated as part of the tropical storm that bashed the Philippines or whether it was entirely local and ho-hum, I have never seen such an array of clouds in such a short time.

I wouldn’t have seen them at all had the flight from Bali not been delayed 90 minutes.  To have left on time would have given less time for the thunderstorm to build in the afternoon heat.  It would also have meant the angle of the sun hit the clouds differently and perhaps less (or more?) dramatically.  

In any event, I was speechless for much of the flight…and had two fine windows at the very front of the plane, windows not scratched opaque like some U.S. flights in cold and icy zones.  I will post only three images out of about 20, and keep the best offline (sorry, but I still haven’t learned how to watermark my photos).








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