Bali diversity


Had a fairly smooth transition from the world of transportation, airports, and itineraries to the reality of 12:30 a.m. on-the-ground logistics.  I’m traveling very light (one carry on bag, one day pack) and so zoomed through the Denpasar airport where , exactly as requested, there was a driver holding a card w/ my name on it.  Such a welcome sight, and a nice guy as well: two kids, a girl 6 and a boy 12, who want to travel and see the world before they return to Bali.  

Finally made it to Sativa Sanur cottages around 1:15 and was surprised to see so much activity on the streets in the neighborhoods en route: restaurants still open, people in bars watching tv, clusters of scooter riders plotting their next move, couples walking the street hand in hand….and these are all locals, not foreign tourists.  

My first walk was to the beach about 10 min. away, and my first stop en route was at a temple.  Tomorrow I will have someone who can walk me through the various deities and symbols so dramatically displayed & am looking forward to the education.  I particularly like the little spirit offerings businesses put out on the sidewalk fresh each day & will include a photo if and when it is appropriate to take one.  

The heat is something else!  Reminds me of Japan in mid-August.  I guess that is what a hotel pool is for…although I hope the sunburned Germans drinking beer will let me in.




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