Thank you Japan • Hello Bali

This last day in Tokyo was spent catching up, working on projects I’ve delayed for one reason or another (letters of recommendation, a textbook chapter for Oxford to proofread, itinerary adjustments) and nursing a numbing head cold.  A night of eating and drinking w/ Mr. Tokyo, plus a change in the weather and poor sleep after the earthquake left me vulnerable.  Or perhaps one of the million people ahead of me on the sidewalk sneezed and I walked into that cloud.  At any rate, I hope Bali lets me recover.

Had a terrific Indian dinner w/ Max prior to his attendance at a vampire theme party.  It seems Halloween weekend is non-stop parties from Fri. to Sunday, so I appreciate that he could make time to meet me.  We had a good chat about recent work (his Honda TV commercial just started) and other opportunities at NHK that he’s will persue.  Turns out he’s the youngest foreign announcer they have right now, and the only one with native fluency in Japanese.  

I suppose this sounds like a typical doting parent, but it’s wonderful to see one’s kid doing well in the world.  My first night in Japan had me dropping bags at his apartment then rushing over to the Westin hotel for a fundraiser for breast-cancer research.  It was great to see him kick off the evening in front of a crowd of several hundred well-to-do people.  He may have picked up a little discipline from me about achieving long-term goals (nothing more long-term than starting a Ph.D. !) but his success as a translator, voice actor, MC, narrator, actor, and entrepeneur is entirely his own making.  Hang in there Mr. Tokyo!



There is quite a lot more to say about Japan–I haven’t even mentioned yet my amazing trip to Nagano–so I will be retroactive in the coming days as I ease into Bali and move slowly.  

Nor have I said anything about my forthcoming book…which I hear is now available in hardcover but not yet paperback.  Once it is published, you can count on shameless self-promotion!

What’s a blog for anyway?  To document, speculate about, reflect upon, analyze, and otherwise engage creatively the place and moment as they come.  One of our topics tonight at dinner was a review of the various dimensions of reality:  a single dot is the 1st dimension, a line is the second, space is the third, time is the fourth, and the fifth is a singing group from the 1960s.

See you later, Tokyo!




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